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 GARY DANIELS- exclusive interview for

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GARY DANIELS- exclusive interview for Empty
PostSubject: GARY DANIELS- exclusive interview for   GARY DANIELS- exclusive interview for Icon_minitimeSat Sep 04, 2010 4:59 pm

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Action film star GARY DANIELS was a real-life kick-boxing champion. With rugged good-looks, a muscular build and a charming personality, it was a natural for him to move from the world of fighting to that of acting. Now he plays in Stallone's The Expendables.

Gary, you are a great martial artist. Can you relate your martial background and the styles you learnt ?

I started training when I was 8 yrs old in a system called Mongolian kung fu which was really a combination of karate, kung fu and Aikido, it was very rough , like a systemized form of streetfighting which included techniques for pulling hair and eye gouging. I moved on to TKD when I was 12 or 13 and ended up teaching in 3 schools in the London area. I started kickboxing and fighting for the PKA when I was 17 and have fought for the w.k.b.a and Muay Thai Association. I have trained in Sillum Wong ka Kune for the past 17/18 years with my sifu Winston Omega.

How did you start in the movie business ?

I had moved to Florida where I was taking acting classes, but got into films when I was living in the Philippines. When I returned to the States it just took off.

Who are your favorite martial artists?

Well Bruce Lee was my main inspiration but my sifu has guided me for the past 18 yrs. I enjoyed watching Jackie Chan, Whang Jang Lee and Tam Tao Liang when I was younger.

How was it like working with other martial arts greats such as Jackie Chan, Richard Norton and Don 'The Dragon' Wilson?

Don and Richard are both great guys but Jackie and his team are really masters of the craft of film fighting so I learned a lot from them.

What was it like working on Bloodmoon?

Bloodmoon was a lot of hard work, anytime you work with Hong Kong action directors they tend to get the best out of you but because the chinese way of choreography is so different it can be very taxing but enjoyable.

How was the work with Seagal, and how was your relationship with him on the set?

Seagal has his own way of doing things and when a film is being financed on his name then you have to respect that way. I believe in respecting all human beings regardless of personal feelings.

What you think about digital special effects in action films?

Digital effects are the way forward. I believe they have their place in certain types of films but for me , if we are talking about action/martial arts films then I like to see good fighters, good choreography and good stunts without all the green screen and wire work, like Hong Kong was doing in the 80's. But we will never stop progress. If it is used to prevent and avoid accidents on the set then I approve of it.

What is the role you are the most proud of?

I have enjoyed most of the work I have done but I am not really proud of it. I feel the best is yet to come.

Are there any movies or roles you have turned down in the past?

I have turned down a couple of roles in action films but nothing major. I recently had to turn down a part in the directorial debut of Xin Xin Xiong and I really wanted to work with him.

Do you know Bolo Yeung. What is your opinion about ''Enter the Dragon" and "Bloodsport" ?

I have met Bolo several times, he seems to match his on screen persona in real life. He always plays a fantastic bad guy and his performances in Enter and Bloodsport were both memorable.

You play the role of Bryan Fury in the movie "Tekken". What was it like working on the film?

Working on Tekken was a very good experience, such a professional crew and very talented cast of actors and fighters. I have seen some footage cut and it looks terrific.

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to make it in Hollywood?

To make it in Hollywood you have to believe in yourself and be persistant. Work on your acting and your martial arts skills constantly. It can be a frustrating business but you gotta stick with it.

How much do you train?

I train 6 days a week, I lift weights, run, jump rope, hit heavy bags, work my iron bag and mook jong. sometimes 2 or 3 sessions a day. But I listen to my body , if I am injured or feel overworked I take a day or 2 off. You must train smart as well as hard.

What are your next project ?

My next film will be an actin film in Thailand called "The Sanctuary".

Would you have a final word for all the people all over the world who enjoyed watching your movies and visited the website?

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to watch 1 of my films, I have made some good ones and some bad ones but always give 100 %.

Thank you Gary for accepting the interview.

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GARY DANIELS- exclusive interview for
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